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Posture, etiology of a syndrome

Paolo Platania
Posturology guidelines and
interdisciplinary case study

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Medical scientific society is discipline oriented, knowledge is split into strictly separated disciplines and this organization guides medicine from specialization, through clinic and publishing, to research.

On one side, scientific research deepens knowledge within structural boundaries drawn by each discipline, progresses are documented and awarded by scientific disciplinary publishing, and constitutes the basis for further research studies and for clinical daily practice, hence, delivering profitability to the initial discipline.

On the other side, medical disciplines are coexistent and related as they share human anatomy and all concur in accomplishing every human function, therefore, knowledge of functional phenomenon may only be achieved by observing it from interdisciplinary perspective.

What happens when investigations require interdisciplinary effort ?

Medicine fails as neither research nor clinical and not even educational and publishing organization models are meant for it; discipline relationship is simply undesirable because needs interdisciplinary effort to be explored, but, prior to exploration it is hard to predict where the final profitability will go, thus, is preferable to be overlooked.

The current single-discipline model allows structural approach to human physiology that has yielded important results, whereas, an auspicated multi-discipline model may take advantage of a functional approach, but its results are still to be yielded. Unless scientific society heads toward multi-discipline approach, human physiology appears destined to pass from protagonist to spectator, as such, understanding posture is a challenge that is mandatory to be accepted.

This site features the first scientific entry thoroughly modeling a postural disorder and validating its etiological diagnosis (at present ahead of peer review) and is aimed at providing scientific evidences for demonstrating feasibility and communicating the urgency to proceed further.

Paolo Platania

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